Quinoa has been dubbed a super food by nutritionists and health experts. Derived from the seed of the quinoa plant, this grain is in the same family as the spinach leaf, meaning similar benefits can be derived by those who consume it. There are many benefits of including this grain as a staple in your diet.


Health Benefits of Quinoa

It has essential vitamins

Quinoa has more vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants than any other grain. Vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin, potassium, and minerals like zinc and copper, are found in high quantities in this grain. Plus, the antioxidants found in the super food help those who suffer from inflammatory conditions.

Rich in protein

The grain is also rich in protein; lysine is the secret ingredient, which is a rare amino acid which isn’t found in many other grains, and it makes the protein levels found in this food, similar to the amount of protein as would be found in a glass of milk.

Balance blood sugar levels

Eating this grain also helps reduce the potential for developing type two diabetes, and for sufferers, it can help neutralize glucose levels in your system. As it is a complex carbohydrate, meaning it is slowly digested after it is consumed, so it keeps you satiated for a longer period of time.

Healthy heart function

Studies show this super grain is also a great source of magnesium, which is a vital nutrient required to help maintain a healthy metabolism, cardiovascular functions, and blood vessel functions within your system.

Promotes healthier digestion

If you suffer from constipation, acid reflux, or other issues with your digestive system, then quinoa is a great food to incorporate in to your meals as well. It encourages foods to pass through your system easily, meaning you shouldn’t suffer from heart burn or constipation as often, when it is included in your meals. It is extremely high in fiber, which is one of the main reasons it promotes healthy digestion; and, this high level of fiber also helps with levels of satiety, so you consume less, and will feel fuller for a longer period of time, after you eat different quinoa recipes.

Stop suffering from migraines

If you suffer from migraines, quinoa is a food that you should add as a part of your diet, and consume at least once on a weekly basis. It is high in riboflavin (vitamin B2), which promotes blood vessel expansion in your brain. This in turn helps reduces the instances in which you will experience headaches, and migraines, which can be far more severe and painful.

It is low in fat

If you are dieting, or if you simply like to consume a low fat diet, this is a food which should be a staple in your diet. Not only is it lower in fat than most any other grain, but the fats that are present, are healthy fats, omega 3 fatty acids, and fats which promotes weight loss, and helps keep you fuller for a longer period of time. Plus, it is simple to prepare, and you can cook it, fry it, bake it, or otherwise prepare it in any other form quickly and easily.

These are among some of the many health benefits of quinoa you will realize, once you add this super food, and quinoa recipes as a staple to your diet. Not only does it promote better health, it can also help you slim down, and maintain a healthier body weight, even with few dietary and exercise changes made to your lifestyle.

Easy Quinoa Recipes

Get Many Health Benefits From Your Easy Quinoa Recipes


Easy Quinoa Recipes and How To Cook Quinoa ?

There are many simple to follow quinoa recipes that you can include in to your diet. With this, and other tasty ingredients, you can easily create foods you will not only love to eat, but will also be a much healthier option for you than other breakfast items might be. These are a few simple quinoa recipes you can make, for breakfast, in order to get your day off to a great start.


1. Breakfast bowl –

If you eat oatmeal on a daily basis with fruits, simply mix it up a couple times a week and make a quinoa bowl. Replacing the oatmeal with quinoa, you will get a similar amount of fiber, and it is a complex carbohydrate, so it should fill you up just as much. Add a few berries and honey for flavor, and you have a great, filling meal, which takes only minutes to make.

2. Quinoa breakfast bar –

With rolled oats (oatmeal), quinoa flower, dry milk powder, and coconut flakes, you have a tasty base. Honey and vanilla extract will not only mold the bars, but will also add a little sweet flavor. Adding a few raisins to the mix, and dried berries, will not only add flavor, but will help increase fiber levels. Plus, these bars take only a few minutes to bake, you can alter the recipe as you see fit, and you can eat them not only for breakfast, but also as a snack.

3. Parfait recipe –

With quinoa flakes (used instead of granola which is packed in sugar), you can layer your parfait quickly and easily. One layer of flakes, followed by either plain or vanilla yogurt, with strawberries, banana, and other fruits. You can make alternating layers, and on top, drizzle a little honey, for added sweetness.

4. Quinoa pancakes –

With one cup cooked quinoa, a cup of all purpose flower, salt, a couple eggs, and a 1/4 cup milk, you can make a great batter base. A non stick skillet will prepare these in a couple of minutes. And, you can top them off with honey or syrup, a few fruits, or other toppings as you see fit.


These are only a few quick and easy quinoa recipes to add to the diet. Not only will they take minutes to prepare, they are tasty. Plus, switching quinoa out with oatmeal or traditional flower, is a simple way to reduce caloric intake. These are light, tasty quinoa recipes, which will fill you up until lunch, and can easily be made by even those with no culinary sense in the kitchen.


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